The Carvajal Foundation

In 1961, in an effort to improve the quality of life for the people in vulnerable regions of Colombia, SA, the Carvajal family formed the Carvajal Foundation. The Foundation owns 23.5% of Organización Carvajal S.A , a Colombian multinational with presence in 15 countries, and remains company’s largest single shareholder. The dividends received by the Foundation are used to manage national and international resources used to implement social projects and programs that include: business development, education and culture, as well as social and community development.

The Foundation focuses its activities in strategic areas of social development in the Cali and Buenaventura regions of Colombia where the need is highest but also projects beyond the region through a support and knowledge transfer processes.

The Carvajal Foundation in numbers

Results to December 2015
Families Served in Cali and Buenaventura 2.249
Interventions carried out on the total number of beneficiaries* 678.936
Projectscarried out throughout the year 88
or allies (public 12, national 23, international 13)